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7 Benefits of Web Development for Small Businesses

Posted by on Feb 23, 2016 in Website Development | Comments Off on 7 Benefits of Web Development for Small Businesses

Small businesses have a more difficult time entering the online world compared to major enterprises. That is only small-businessnatural as the small businesses have a small range of target audience and pinpointing these people among the wide expanse of the online community can be tough. However, given that you do your website development and search engine optimization processes right, you can enjoy better conversion rates than your competition in no time.

Here are the other benefits that you can enjoy once you launch your website or free portfolio website:

1. Affordability. As a business, it is vital to advertise the small business. If you think about the advertising expenses that come with advertising in forms like radio, printed media, radio, or other means, then you will be able to calculate just how expensive advertising is. If you have a website, advertising will become less expensive. Even offline advertising can be done for free if it is done online.

2. Advertising. Speaking of advertising, establishing online presence should be more environmentally friendly in terms of advertising and marketing. You can advertise your services or products online without wasting a single piece of paper. You can just use Facebook ads, SEO, or other similar advertising options to virtually advertise your business and reach out to more target audience.Web-Design-Vs-Web-Development-Feature_1290x688_KL

3. Increased Clients. Your small business might be popular with the local community. However, the same cannot be said with outside the city. Understand that you still have potential clients outside of your local community. If you cannot reach out to them, then you will end up losing valuable sales opportunity. With the website, you can reach out to potential clients not only outside of the city but on a global scale too.

4. Information Access. With a website for your small business, it should be easy to keep track of everything that is happening on it. Every long-island-new-york-based-web-design-companyinteraction made with potential clients are tallied, after all. The information you track through the small business website can help you with future endeavors. You can tell through the visitors’ behavior on your website what they like and what they do not like with your products or services.

5. Satisfaction. Launching a website is more convenient for your clients and leads. Customers have an easier time buying from you if they find you online. With your website, you do not have to make your clients drive their car to your location just to browse your products. This offered convenience will definitely keep the customers satisfied.

6. Accessibility. With a website, the customers do not have to turn your clients away simply because it is already your closing time. The website is always open round-the-clock so you can always cater to your client’s purchases anytime. This offered accessibility is a great benefit to enjoy with having a website.

7. Increased Sales. Having a website will definitely increase your potential sales. The more traffic your site receives, the more you can convert that to sales. Even if they cannot be converted to sales at the time they visit your website, the exposure is good enough. They can think of your website when they plan to make a purchase in the future or when they need to refer to a friend.

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What You Should Know About WordPress Plugin

Posted by on Feb 23, 2016 in Website Development, WordPress | Comments Off on What You Should Know About WordPress Plugin

A plugin is basically a piece of software that contains a set of functions you can add to a WordPress site. The plugin is what extends the functionality of the site or add new features to it. Plugins are commonly written using the PHP programming language so that it can easily integrate intowpplugin the WordPress platform. If you plan to use the plugins, then here are some of the important points to take note of about it.

First of all, it is important that you update all your plugins. It should not be a difficult task for anyone to update the plugins. By keeping the plugins as up-to-date as possible, you are ensuring a vital key to your website’s functionality and security. The outdated plugins are easily targeted for their security weaknesses. They will also break when new versions of the WordPress platform roll out.

If you have deactivated plugins, then you have to keep them as well. Otherwise, it is only common sense to get rid of them. Even if the plugin is deactivated, they are still live on the site. That means they can still be exploited for their security weaknesses. A plugin that is not active on the website anymore and you do not plan to use it anytime in the future should be removed.

The plugins can easily put a strain on the website’s resources, albeit only a minor one. Thus, it will be to your advantage if you can deactivate the backend plugins when they are not needed. Your website should only be running the active plugins. As soon as the plugins finished their task, they have to be deactivated.

How many plugins you have does not denote that your website is a good one. Having too many plugins will just be a clutter in the website. It is better to have only five plugins as long as they are light and immaculately coded. Instead of thinking how many plugins you install, it is much more appropriate to worry what plugins you are installing. When it comes to WordPress plugin, less is more.wordpressPlugins_600px

It is also a known fact that in WordPress plugin, quality beats quantity. Be as selective as possible with the plugins that you are installing. Even if you are just testing the plugins, you still have to be selective as these plugins can leave footprints behind and these footprints can be difficult to remove. Before you install a plugin, consider key items like average rating, number of downloads, reviews, developer, and evidence of active support.

Just because the plugin has premium in its name does not mean that the quality is premium as well. This might affect the cost but the value of the plugin is still subpar. You must not be lured into premium downloads easily simply because a lot of plugin developers are unscrupulous enough to use premium plugins to cheat money out of people. Of course, it is beneficial to have a premium plugin as long as it is well-made. If you opt for premium plugins, always see to it that the developer is someone you can trust.

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Simple Ecommerce Website Development Tips to Improve Online Sales

Posted by on Feb 23, 2016 in Website Development | Comments Off on Simple Ecommerce Website Development Tips to Improve Online Sales

The design of an online store actually affects the sales directly. Not all merchants are aware of this so they do not realize how much losses they have when they do not 30d5afa51508b07df5293980c3e1eaa6optimize their online stores. The design of the online store should be carefully thought out, especially since every single element added or removed from the website will either improve or harm your conversion rates.

The best way to ensure that the design of the online store is not harmful to your business, you might want to consider hiring professionals for ecommerce website development. The professionals are the ones who are skilled and experienced in this field. They know how to optimize your website so that you can get a higher conversion rate, which is certainly good for the business.

Aside from entrusting the job to a professional, you also have to learn some basic tips for it. The basic tips will ensure that you at least have an idea on why your conversion rate is high or low. Here are those basic tips that can easily improve your online store’s conversion rates.

First, you have to check the visibility of your shopping cart. It is important that you make the shopping cart visible. When the customers are shopping, it will give them peace of mind if they know that the item was actually added to their cart. A listing of what the customers added to the cart should be visible on the page. Making the checkout data visible for the shoppers will actually make it easier for the latter to transition from their shopping mode to checkout mode.

japan_website_design_3The add-to-cart buttons must be organized properly. The add-to-cart buttons are basically call-to-action buttons. The more direct and specific the call-to-action on these add-to-cart buttons are, the more positive response one can expect from the shoppers. The color scheme for the buttons should be decided well too.

Cleaning up the product pages should benefit you as well. This is a crucial part in drawing in the customers as you will be presenting information most appealing to them. It can be tricky to decide what elements to include in the product pages. However, there are basics to remember. For example, you have to add high quality product images and include the product name, description, and price to be able to attract a customer’s attention. Reviews by customers and links to related products should be added to the page but positioned near the bottom.

Make the navigation paths clear. There is no need for elements like hidden menus since these are common causes of shopper frustration. Avoiding hidden elements is one way to make navigation paths clearer. Make the categories simple too and avoid getting caught up in becoming too artistic with the design.

For the checkout page, you should consider eliminating distractions. As soon as the customers proceed to checkout, they should only think about checking out the products they have shopped. Therefore, removing the sidebar navigation and even recommendations for related products will benefit your conversion. You want to ensure sale and you can only do that by eliminating distractions from the checkout page.image-18

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How to Get Started With Website Development

Posted by on Feb 23, 2016 in Website Development | Comments Off on How to Get Started With Website Development

Website development is a very important process when it comes to online websites. Web DevelopmentIf a business wants to establish an online presence and get more customers, hiring professionals to handle the development of the website is only natural. However, you might want to consider doing the site development on your own. Here are the tips to take note of if you want to get started with web development.

First of all, you have to learn the basics. There are website programming language that you have to learn such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. You also need to learn about jQuery and Ajax. Not only website programming languages, you also have to learn more about designing the website. There are web design tools that can help make the designing process easier.

It is important that you research more on web development. There should be numerous books and articles that can help you understand and learn more about coding. Looking at open source code snippets, projects, and free libraries are helpful in building your first website development project. Other people’s codes can give you inspiration.

Take advantage of free resources. Generally, it is inexpensive to start web development. You can use your own hardware for the project. If you need a software product for web development, there are awesome ones you can download for free online. Since there are numerous resources on the Internet, you have to be meticulous in choosing which one you will be using.

Improving your designing skills is a must too. The standards for design is always changing. However, the basics that form the foundation of every design remain the same all throughout. You can familiarize yourself with the basics and improve your design skills. As much as possible, you should try to improve your design skills on a day to day basis.webdevelopment

Be familiar with the concept of requirement engineering. If you are developing a website, the skills essential for it is not only the ability to work on digital projects, how to code, or how to design. You also need basic organizational skills. If you are aware of what requirements engineering is, then you should be able to formulate, maintain, and document the different requirements you need to meet with your web development project.

A programming-friendly text editor is essential for the project too. This is actually a must-have for all web developer. It is the text editor you will be spending most of your time on. You must make use of the best option that is available for you.

Strive to learn more. In web development, continuous learning is a key to success. As long as you keep on learning and moving forward with your coding and design skills, then there should be no problem. You have to learn, practice, build, test, and repeat your coding over and over so that you can improve. You need to get better everyday if you want to achieve success with web development.

There are other tips to remember for web development. These are just the basics, after all. See to it that you follow these tips so that you can see significant improvement in your performance as soon as possible.

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